Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morningstar Trial - reminder

This from Lynne -
We seem to have renewed interest in getting online information from Morningstar. Currently we have a trial going on (see notes at Lucy and Desi) which gives free access to the full content of Morningstar. When that goes away, however, our customers can still have remote access to the print version of Morningstar by going to http://mfb.morningstar.com . Subscriber ID is the ref desk email address and password is library. Perhaps because the ICMA rep was here recently, city staffers have asked for this info. You may have to remind them that Morningstar's specialty is mutual funds (they won't find anything about financial services such as ICMA). They also include stock info, but not in the same depth as our print version of Value Line.

Computer card to regular card - glitch

David just shared with me something I didn't know. When you switch a person's card from computer card to a regular (e.g. Adult) card, you must Renew Privilege (Alt F11) for the user, before they will be able to check items out, even if the date on their card appears fine. It's this glitch that is the reason why sometimes when we've turned a computer card into a regular card, they still get the message that no more charges are allowed.
After you've renewed their privilege, you can remove the date if they're a Chandler resident.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Historical directories

For the record, the Chandler Museum has a few OLD city directories (from the 1930s, the staff person told me). Mesa Library has quite a few (later ones should include Chandler), and they are in the Mesa Room, which is open limited hours. Anna is the person who is in charge of this room, and it's best that people make reservations in advance. It's open approximately 10:30 - 4. Telephone is 480-644-2207.

Addendum from Lynne:
Note that this info is included in the Wiki, too.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

GED testing changes updated online

I updated the GED testing info online according to what Donna gave me. I put the updated date and tried to draw attention to the changes on the homepage in the lefthand blue navigation bar. When Donna gives me the final version, I'll be adding the pdf brochure to easily print out. Please let me know if you see any errors or anything that might be confusing. Thanks!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Christmas Tree permit change - no lottery!

They're doing things pretty differently this year. Starting October 10, you can purchase a Christmas tree-cutting tag at selected (none in Chandler) Big 5 Sporting Goods stores. More info: http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/tonto/news/2008/080902.shtml
I'll post to the More Than Books blog. . .

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Court-ordered community service

Today I stumbled across this great page on the city of Tempe's site, listing options for those seeking to do court-ordered community service hours:
I printed off a page with East Valley agencies and am putting it in the volunteering file. I'll probably link to it from our volunteering page, in case we need to refer to it in the future. Might be a good job for a volunteer, to update this list. . .

I was hoping to get a list from Maricopa County, but the woman at the Community Restitution Program said that they only work with Adult Probationers, and that if we get one of them, have them call 602-619-1914 to speak with John, who can assign them to a community service job.

I think mostly what we get are lesser offenses, like DUIs, which don't involve probation. I spoke with someone at the Chandler Municipal Court, and she says they don't have a list (non since she's been there). They are told to go to "any nonprofit." This is probably where most of the people we get are coming from.