Thursday, July 02, 2009

Missing Top Margin in Word 2003?

Check out this page for help if you can't find the top margin in someone's document in Word 2003:

Apparently there's a white space 'toggle' at the top of the page. . .

Easy way to start a new page in Word

Looking for an explanation of margins to be able to give to our patrons and ran across this. . .

From Microsoft Word 2003 for Dummies:
Starting a New Page
You can choose two ways to start a new page in Word. . . :
  • Horribly wrong: Keep pressing the Enter key until you see the row o' dots tha tdenotes the start of a new page. . . .
  • Impressively neat: Press Ctrl+Enter. Voila! New page.
I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't know this. I know the trick in Excel to force the line to wrap in the cell (Alt+Enter). Maybe I should read the rest of the book!