Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baker & Taylor cart instructions

Creating and Transferring Carts in B&T (new procedure as of Spring 07)

Creating a cart

  1. Go to the Carts tab.
  2. Don’t use the Quick Setup. Instead, click the small link that says “Create New Cart – Full Setup.”
  3. Name your cart. We should have these four carts each month:
    · DT Replacements mm/yy – Fic
    · DT Replacements mm/yy – NF
    · DT Customer Requests mm/yy – Fic
    · DT Customer Requests mm/yy – NF
  4. Make sure Cart Availability is Open, and Cart Visibility is Private.
  5. Check the Grid Enable: Yes box.
  6. Click the Create Cart button.

Carts should be transferred at the end of the relevant month, or when the total quantity reaches 25. If you have the mending for the month, please transfer both the replacements and customer request carts at the end of the month.

Transferring a cart

  1. Go to the Carts tab.
  2. Make a note of the total list and discount prices for the cart. Forward this information to Lynne.
  3. Use the Select Function pull-down menu to choose Transfer.
  4. Click GINGER MILOSERNY, then click the Add button.
  5. Uncheck “Keep a copy of my cart.”
  6. Click the Transfer button.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Arizona Railway Museum

Copying the information from Saren's message, in case you're trying to find it again:

The Arizona Railway Museum has moved over by Tumbleweed Park.

Their new address and hours are:

Location - 330 E. Ryan Rd. (Ryan Road is south of Germann and east of Arizona Ave.)
Hours - September 9, 2006-May 27, 2007 Saturday-Sunday 12:00-4:00 p.m.

Also here is their website:

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Windows Vista / Office 2007 converter

Ron installed a converter for files created with Windows Vista/Office 2007 on Ready Ref 1 and 2. So if someone comes in with a file on a disk that's too new to open with our regular computers, we can put them on a Ready Ref machine.

Monday, March 05, 2007

"The Secret"

In case you haven't been bombarded with this request yet, or if you have but you just can't remember the author to look it up:

People usually ask just for "The Secret" or maybe "The Secret laws of attraction." The title of the book is "The Secret," the author is Rhonda Byrne, and the phrase "Law of attraction" appears in the book's blurb but is not part of the title. We've ordered a lot of copies of the book and audiobook, and there are a lot of holds. (It's been on Oprah -- small wonder.)

People might also ask for the title "The Secret" and an author of Michael Beckwith. Michael Beckwith appears on the DVD version, although we don't yet have a full catalog record for the DVD, so a catalog search on his name won't find it. You can find the DVD by searching for "Secret" and "Byrne".