Monday, July 30, 2007

Car hit in Library parking lot

Copied from Saren's email:

A car was hit in the Library parking lot today. I paged to see if someone with the license number and model of car was in the Library, but no one showed up. I called the Police, but they told me they do not send out an Officer if the incident happened in a private parking lot (although it is the City parking lot, but who knows), so all the driver needed to do was leave a note with her name, insurance information, and phone number on the vehicle she hit. That may be helpful for future fender benders.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Helpful tips (PDFs and Workflows)

Copied from Saren's email:

Just wanted to pass along a couple of things I have come across lately that may be helpful.
The first one is about printing a PDF file. Today a gentleman's print job was not being sent over to the printer, and since there were no pending print jobs I thought something was wrong with the printer connection. Of course it was first thing in the morning, but there always seems to be a print job or two pending. We called Ron and the issue was not our printer, but the PDF file the customer was trying to print. Apparently the document had been set up not to print, but was not giving any type of message to let us know that. The solution was to copy and paste the document or selected text into Word, and then print from Word. I would gather this does not happen very often, but in the future if a PDF file will not print, then just copy it into Word.

The other thing I found out about is on Workflows. Sometimes it is almost impossible to figure out when a library card was issued to a customer, but here is the trick. When you pull up the card information, go ahead and click on the customer's name, and that will give you a quick snapshot of the account, and will also tell you the user date created and privilege granted date. The user date created is when the account was first set up, and the privilege granted date is when the card was last renewed. Probably some of you already knew this, but this little trick does come in handy.