Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dealing with Reorders

Ginger reminded me to clear out my reorders from Sirsi, and I had to get help remembering the steps. This is mostly for me. . .
  1. Shift F12 to Edit Item
  2. Change Search field to General
  3. Click Set Options for Item Search button on top left of that window
  4. Enter your criteria (e.g. Item type, language)
  5. Choose Reorder as location
  6. Click Enter
  7. Click Enter
  8. Click item you want to deal with
  9. Click Modify Copy
  10. Click on the copy that says Reorder if more than one copy comes up and then Modify Copy again.
  11. Change Home Location to Delete
  12. Click Ok
  13. Click Return to search list.

The same thing will work for Discards, just choose Discard as the location, instead of Reorder. This information is also (pretty much) found here: