Thursday, November 29, 2007

ICAN will supervise youth needing court-ordered community service

Added this to our volunteering page: ICAN - Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods (tel. 480-821-4207) will supervise youth 18 and under needing to do court-ordered community service. More info & application online

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Courier Schedule

from Peter. . .
"Times are approximate and may change without notice on
any particular day."

Morning route
9:00 AM - Downtown
9:30 AM - Sunset
10:00 AM - Hamilton
10:30 AM - Basha

Afternoon Route
1:00 PM - Downtown
1:30 PM - Sunset
2:00 PM - Hamilton
2:30 PM - Basha

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

East Valley Tribune online archives

Lynne reminds us we have access to the East Valley Tribune online archives with our library account. Login and password are in the rolodexes. They have 2003-current archives available:

Can't use delete key?

Helpful email from Saren:
I had an interesting question from a customer today wondering why when he highlighted text on his Word document, and hit the delete key it did not delete. I could not see why it was not deleting, but you could still hit the backspace key to remove the text. I asked Jeff about it, and he figured it out.

When text is highlighted and the delete key is pressed, you will see on the bottom tool bar, left hand corner a message saying Delete Block? No (Yes) . So to delete the highlighted text you either need to press Y on your keyboard, or N if you don't want it deleted. This is a default setting right now, but customers can omit this function with each session by going to Tools, Options, Select the General Tab and uncheck Help for Word Perfect Users . By unchecking this box, text will be deleted right away without having to press Y. Jeff hopes to change this down the road, but this is the way it is on the public computers for now.