Thursday, June 26, 2008

FT Library-related journals in Masterfile

American Libraries 01/01/1975 to present
Book Links 01/01/2002 to present .5 mo. embargo
Booklist 01/01/2002 to present .5 mo. embargo
Computers in Libraries 07/01/1993 to present
Feliciter (Canadian Library Association) 06/01/2001 to present
Library Journal 01/01/1975 to present
Library Media Connection 01/01/2003 to present
Library Technology Reports 05/01/2002 to present
Library Trends 01/01/1997 to present
School Library Journal 01/01/1975 to present
South African Journal of Library and Information Science 01/01/1995 to present

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sync your Lotus notes contacts

Do you find that you have two different address books in Lotus Notes and Domino Web Access (the web version of Lotus Notes)? Try this to sync them. You may find that you have duplicate contacts initially, so you might need to clean them up.
1. (**When you're logged into Lotus Notes at your desk**) From the Inbox, click Actions
2. Click Synchronize Address Book

Friday, June 20, 2008

AZ Rep articles - try (this) before you buy!

I've noticed that oftentimes there are Arizona Republic articles out there for free, where if you do an archive search on AZ Rep and it says that you will need to buy the article.
E.g. Did an archive search for it. Then did a Google search for the exact title: New law brings curfew, limits for teen drivers and found this article:

I have a feeling this is the case for articles that are more recent and/or more popular or "important."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Consumer Reports in Masterfile - no embargo!

Ted discovered that Consumer Reports no longer has a 3-month embargo in Masterfile Premier! Happy day! See for yourself (June). They're also doing something new with graphics on the search results page, as you'll see. It looks like they don't have February or March of this year just yet.

Scanner documentation

See the instructions for our new scanner here. You'll need to click on CanoScan LiDE25/60 Scanning Guide (WIndows) LiDE2560scanningguide-e.exe (under Guides and Manuals) and then download the manual. I'm going to ask Joseph to condense it to one sheet for us.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finding a Tutor

We sometimes get parents asking for recommendations of tutors for their children, and this article is a good one for them about where to look for tutors and what questions to ask:
4 Steps to Finding an Excellent Tutor for Your Child

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photos from newly remodeled Saguaro Library

I went to the Phoenix Public Library's Saguaro Library for a Reforma meeting on Wednesday 6/11. See my photos Some things to take inspiration from. . .